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Reseller Hosting Revealed

Everybody Is Suitable To Become A Hosting Reseller

ResellersPanel leverages more than half a decade's experience in the reseller hosting business and has everything you require in order to make it as a hosting reseller. But don't deduce that this is just for PC pros, anybody can set up and run their very own personal web hosting business, without the need to pay a single penny or to possess an advanced level of computer skills. If you're a busy housewife, a scholar, a retired person or a corporate employee, ResellersPanel's hosting reseller program is everything you require to start gaining money. You can sell the company's web hosting solutions under your own personal DBA name and make additional cash while proceeding with your normal daily activities. Here is how it functions.

A Completely Free Reseller Program

ResellersPanel offers a completely free reseller web hosting program, both free of cost and free of risk. Irrespective of whether you make sales or not - they will not charge you a penny! With the Free Reseller Program, you can sell hosting products under your own company name. You can resell ResellersPanel's full-featured pre-made web hosting plans or set up your own package configurations to more accurately fit your clients' individual needs.

Start Your Very Own Online Web Hosting Reseller Store In A Matter Of Minutes

Furthermore, you can establish your unique hosting store within minutes, using ResellersPanel's customizable ready-made web design templates and accompanying marketing tools - all at no charge to you. ResellersPanel has equipped the web hosting packages with a premium, custom-made, point-and-click web hosting CP available in lots of languages, and with a large range of free presents. You have the ability to offer a free domain name with the hosting packages and to select your datacenter location. The company also takes care of the billing service, the commission payments and all server maintenance obligations, and provides 24/7/365 technical support to your customers on behalf of your company. ResellersPanel stays in the background all the time, so that your clients will never know that you are actually a reseller of hosting solutions.

Those of you who need a dedicated server hosting solution will not be let down either - ResellersPanel offers a large array of powerful VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

They offer you and your clients absolute freedom to fulfill your online plans.

Advanced Reselling Opportunities For Experienced Resellers

As a treasured ally of ResellersPanel's, you can also elect to bill your customers yourself using the Reseller API. For those who possess a higher level of PC skills and prefer the traditional means of reselling web hosting services, the company also offers a cPanel Hosting Reseller Program. It includes a collection of free-of-charge bonuses for you as a hosting reseller and for your customers. So, give it a shot and ƒsign up with ResellersPanel.com straight away!