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Description of VPS hosting

A VPS is a private virtual hosting server set up on a physical hosting server, which permits persons to have their own server to save content. It provides the best balance between cost and performance, so it is often the favored choice for heavy resource-demanding web pages that cannot be accommodated on a shared hosting server. Because a couple of users keep their own VPS accounts on the very same physical machine, all resources can be utilized, which diminishes the price per person. Every VPS comes with root access, which allows persons to install any software or script libraries that may be needed for particular web apps to function.

Pluses of the VPS Hosting Solution

1 CPU Core
20 GB Storage
$6.00 / month
1 CPU Core
40 GB Storage
$12.00 / month

The positive side of possessing a VPS is that it is totally autonomous from the remaining VPS server hosting accounts on the physical server. It can be restarted, updated, and can even come with a different Operating System than those of the other VPS hosting accounts on that physical machine. It is in fact like a dedicated web server, but a VPS server costs only a fraction of the price of a dedicated hosting server.

Limitations of the VPS Hosting Service

Each VPS plan involves some disk storage space, traffic and central processing unit load quotas. The Virtual Server corporations are distributing different plans so each customer can obtain the most suitable plan for their requirements. A less advanced virtual web server may be used to host a single web site, whereas a more advanced one would be a more adequate solution for storing a selection of websites and not bothering about system resources. We are among the top hosting corporations and we are supplying a collection of VPS packages.

Web Hosting Control Panel Alternatives: Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc.

The content on a virtual server is administered through a web hosting Control Panel just as any other cheap shared web hosting plan. This may be the website hosting Control Panel that the hosting service company is providing, or any other website hosting CP that the customer makes use of - Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, etc. All web site files, e-mailbox accounts, databases and domains can be managed through the hosting CP, and certain tools also include various management levels - master reseller, reseller, user, and so on. This unfolds many opportunities for business as the VPS hosting server proprietors can resell web hosting plans or have their own resellers. More skillful clients can handle everything through an SSH client too.

VPS Hosting - a Cut-Price and Steady Solution

A powerful feature of the VPS plan are the so-called "burstable" system resources. If a concrete site is creating significant server load or approaches the quota at a given stage, extra resources are assigned to this VPS hosting server as long as they are available on the physical machine. This enormously helps to keep all websites up and running and renders the private virtual server a stable and reliable hosting environment.

A VPS - The Smart Choice When You Need More Features

A Virtual Private Server is a splendid choice for popular web portals that demand lots of system resources. It is robust enough but simultaneously it is much more inexpensive than a dedicated server. At Greenolive Hosting Solutions we distribute a couple of different packages, upgrading from one to the other is also simple and no website transfer will be required, hence there will be no downtime as far as the domains that are kept on the virtual hosting server are concerned. The management is not much different than that of a shared web hosting account, but the performance is much greater when it comes to dependability and speed.